Celebrating 25 years of Great GreetingsTM
With the help of our dimension-loving friends at Ground Zero we designed this holiday tree with fluted corrugate, topped by our first digitally printed and die-cut tree capper, backed by a simple message "Ring in the New Year." Many friends and collectors bring out this longtime festive favorite each season to adorn desks and mantles. We love that they live on!

"I have saved every Christmas card that you created (and the one for Alex's birth announcement). They are a vignette unto themselves and a permanent feature of my holiday decorating."
Liz Woods
1995 Holiday Tree
1996 IAPHC Award

Our resourceful photographer Adrian Oosterman found this classic tree ornament, which perfectly accommodated my desire to produce a holiday promotion featuring the cherubic face of my new daughter. With a little Photoshop, when this card is flipped over, St. Nick switched to Alex in this double-sided card that also hangs as an ornament. We love multi-purposes and multiple views!

"One of my all time favorite Christmas cards is the one with Alex's sweet, beaming, almost toothless smile at the centre of a Star ornament."
Randi Helmers
1997 Cherish the old...
1998 IAPHC Award

Raised in Northern Ontario, celebrations were often accompanied by pyrotechnics. To usher in Y2K and its attendant anxiety, we packaged our holiday message in tubes reminiscent of firecrackers. The fiery holiday message was revealed by pulling on a cord attached to the greeting. The tube was festively labelled "Have a Blast" and resulted in calls to ask if it was safe to pull the string! That's anticipation!

"Every year about this time we wait in anticipation of the annual Christmas greetings from Impagination - we've kept them all - a handmade tree decoration, the millennium fire cracker, the portrait of Alex's first Christmas, all keepers."
Danielle & Roger Paul
1999 Have a Blast
2000 SUMMIT Award

After launching our "Adding Dimension to Communication" campaign, we incorporated the theme into our holiday promotion. Building on a 3D cube motif, we designed a greeting that folded flat for mailing and opened into a standalone 3D greeting that could be enjoyed from every direction. What a party assembling these by hand!

"The Christmas cards are treasured. I still have my favorite ones and bring them out every Christmas to hang around the house."
Joan Francuz

2000 Extend-Unfold
2001 SUMMIT Award

Working with artist Alan Voort, we created our first box set. Built in clay, the Love Dove was precisely photographed by Matthew Plexman converted into an image to be letter-pressed by our friends at Lunar Caustic Press. Recipients opened the package then rewrapped it to share the experience of discovering its contents!

"Maybe it's the time of the year, but I remember the month of music leading up to Christmas 2004 with Priyanka blasting the "all carols, all the time" radio station and me torturing everyone with my eclectic collection of Christmas CDs. And working on the Dove card and client giveaways. Laural, I'll be your elf anytime."
Jean Burrows
2004 Love Dove
2005 SUMMIT and IAPHC Award

The expert team at Information Packaging helped to create this spinning 3D greeting. We loved the simplicity of this sweet, festive icon and spirited message combined with the engagement of the spinning mechanism. Who could put it down! See it spin here.

"Impagination's Joy holiday promotion package was an excellent way to thank our clients while introducing them to Laural's art of creating special great greetings for their own clients."
Oren Baum
2007 Joy Spinner
2008 SUMMIT and IAPHC Award

This paper-engineered card was designed to show off the dazzling 3D optical illusion and dramatic pop-up message inside. We were helped by Jay Mandarino's great team at C.J. Graphics who ensured that the print dazzled and the 3D effect popped. We were excited to share the special effect with our inspired clients at Oculus and by offering it online! To see the effect click here.

"All your 3D cards have been fun and made the impact we needed, Laural!"
Bill Wright
2008 3-D Optical Illusion
2009 IAPHC and SUMMIT Award

Building on the success of our Extend-Unfold design from 2000, we pushed this paper engineering technique even further. With the help of the ink-on-paper experts at Colour Innovations we were able to intensify the colour brightness and luminosity with special ink treatments. We were delighted that the good folks at Specialties Graphics Finishers took care of the die cutting and assembly!

"Favorite project has to be the 'Bright Lights' Christmas card—the most amazing I've ever seen--anywhere!  I have kept mine as a special permanent Christmas decoration feature for my home."
Jane Baker
2009 Bright Lights
2010 IAPHC and SUMMIT Award