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Laural Carr

April 2013


Our annual Great Greeting™ survey results indicate that 92% of recipients prefer to receive mailed greetings. And outstanding greetings are passed around and saved. What begins as an expression of appreciation to clients and customers can translate into impact and opportunity for you and your business.

Great Greetings™ don’t just happen! To deliver an engaging brand-friendly experience, follow our five tips and ensure impact with your mailed greetings.

One client exclaims “We sent a unique holiday greeting to clients this year (thanks to Impagination) and received more comments of appreciation and admiration than ever!”. Read more.

Great Greetings aren’t just for the holidays. They can say Thank You, You’re Invited, We’re Moving, What’s New or any other reason your business has for connecting with clients and customers.

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Want to eliminate the worry of what to send? And avoid the last minute rush? Let us find the perfect Great Greeting™ for your business. Sign up in the month of April for a personalized consultation that will allow us to pin-point your requirements and deliver up to three unique Great Greeting™ options to show off your business. Don’t scramble at the last minute or get stuck with an off-brand option. Impagination can help you deliver!

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