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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

August 2013

Everything Old is New Again!

When did you last receive a handwritten note in the mail? Last week I received one from a client thanking me for inviting her to an event. The envelope was hand addressed, and boasted an honest-to-goodness postage stamp; remember those? The paper was luxurious and the return address was on an elegant square flap, a classic touch. A watercolour illustration of her firm's historic office building was featured on the front of the note card, with a short history of the building along with firm branding on the back. Inside was a warm handwritten note of thanks and a business card. I savored it, showed it to co-workers and have it proudly on display.

Can you describe the last note you received? Huffington Post reports that according to the US Postal Service, in 2011 the average home received one personal letter every 7 weeks. This is down from one every 2 weeks in 1987.

On the other hand, Harvard Business Review Blog Network offers savvy marketing advice in a recent post, Handwritten Notes Are a Rare Commodity and reports that the drop in personal mail is great news for anyone wanting a competitive edge by making an indelible impression with a client, prospect or stakeholder. It's the rarity of the handwritten note that amplifies the connection when offering a thank you, or expressing gratitude or appreciation.

As we anticipate fall's arrival there is the inevitable re-focus on marketing goals and how to leverage relationships. Networking events, conferences, trade shows, fundraisers and training sessions gear up in earnest. Consider how an appropriately written and branded note card can elevate your relationship and move you closer to your goals this fall. Check out our 10 tips for hand writing notes of appreciation. And ask us how we can ensure that your firm's note card has all the right marketing cachet!

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