February 2008

6th Annual Great Greeting Survey Results

Want to reinforce your relationship with valued clients and customers? Thinking about saving costs with emailed greetings? Think again.

Impagination's 6th Annual Great Greeting Survey results show that 86% of respondents' favorite greetings arrived by mail, up over 20% from 2007. 90% of respondents showed their favorite greeting to someone, up almost 10% from 2007. Also up in 2008, 33% of respondents preferred a combined email/physical greeting. A big thank you to everyone who participated
in the survey.

Every year Impagination helps our clients to acknowledge and appreciate critical relationships by re-shaping the humdrum holiday greeting to a seasonal promotion that clients talk about all year long. To find out how, download The Great Greeting Maker tool.

Visit our website to see samples from our portfolio at www.impaginationinc.com/casestudies.html.

Contact us to plan, manage, design and execute a memorable direct mail, sales or holiday promotion that reinforces your relationships with valued clients and customers.
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