February 2011

The results in are in...
and mailed greetings overwhelmingly won you over again this past holiday season!

88% of respondents favorite greetings arrived by mail, and that's not all you told us about mailed greeting. To learn the whole story, click on the link below to register for a complimentary copy of our exclusive report.


A tremendous thank you to everyone who participated in our 9th Annual Great Greeting Survey and especially those who sent a personal comment.

Some of our favorites are:
"For the first time I received at least 2 email greetings that I liked so much that I passed them on." Beth

"I'm not as fond of email greetings as they seem less personal and I am less likely to see them and keep them." Kim

Our favorite comment came from Michella who will receive a special gift for her comment below.
"I really enjoy getting the animated, musical emails but what I like about
the snail mail is the hand-written greeting and/or update and message that accompanies it."

You can still send us your comments and we will share them in an upcoming newsletter. Participate and you could win a special gift too!


What did we learn from all your comments? It's all in our jam-packed report including the following six key tips that will win clients over and encourage them to remember and refer you:
  1. How to engage clients?
  2. How to extend your brand?
  3. How to show appreciation to your clients?
  4. How to make your clients feel special?
  5. How to reach your clients with a special message?
  6. How to secure referrals?

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