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January 2007

Impagination's 5th Annual Great Greetings Survey


Ready to toss away this year’s holiday greetings along with the last of the tangled tinsel and crushed wrapping? Is there a special greeting you will keep in a place of honour or show to colleagues or friends?


Each year Impagination asks which greetings got your attention this year. In appreciation of your time, we will send you the latest survey results and a limited-edition greeting for you to send to someone you want to greet with great impact!


Take a minute now to answer our short survey. Click on the link below (or cut and paste the URL into your browser).


Thank you for participating in our 5th annual survey. Please forward this survey to anyone you know that loves great greetings.


Use The Great Greeting MakerTM checklist to find out what you need to get started on your next greeting or promotion. Click here to read more about Great Greetings...


If you need an irresistible invitation, motivating direct mailer or stunning greeting that won’t get tossed or mistaken for junk,
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