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Laural Carr

January 2013


Impagination's Annual Great Greeting™ Survey

Happy 2013! Impagination celebrates 11 years reporting which greetings – mailed, emailed or both – attracted your attention.

Will you discard this year's greetings with the wrinkled wrapping and wilted Poinsettia? Will you clear your inbox without a second thought? Is there a special greeting you will keep in a place of honor, save for next year or show to colleagues and friends? We want to know!

Take a minute now to answer our short survey.

Help us to maximize participation for our annual survey! Please share your thoughts and forward this survey to anyone you know who loves a great greeting or wants to know what kind of greeting makes a lasting impact. Results will be revealed in February.

Are your lackluster invitations or direct mailers going unnoticed and being trashed? Let Impagination help you to create a promotion that makes an impact! Contact Laural Carr at 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330 and visit our web site to learn more.