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Laural Carr

October 2012


October's Midas Touch Tip for Holiday Promotions
To help you share the joy of the season with your best business relationships, check out our updated Midas Touch Tips. After selecting a theme, choosing a format, and updating your contact list, it's time to weave it all together with an appropriate message. For example, this year Impagination will honor an extraordinary colleague, client and friend.

Jane Baker had a contagious passion for exquisite flowers. Last year Jane and I were collecting dogwood branches and evergreen boughs for holiday decorations. With her share, Jane assembled spectacular gifts featuring her beloved holiday favorite the Amaryllis.
A single Amaryllis bulb can bloom for 75 years and has long been enjoyed at the holidays for its proud display that determinedly blooms through to spring. We miss Jane and lovingly celebrate the beautiful message in her gift.

Tip 4. Weave it together with a message

Your message allows you to tell YOUR story. A message may be pre-printed or handwritten in a card or gift tag. For example, for our clients who promote their business with a coffee theme, their holiday message “Robust Greetings” complemented coffee-themed gifts. For a fine-dining client, “Seasoned Greetings” accompanied a gift certificate. Get the message?

Our final tip will be added next month. If you are planning a holiday promotion and need help, contact us. Call Laural Carr at 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330 or visit our web site.

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