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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

April 2016

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When the spa stressed me out!

I booked my appointments and was looking forward to a relaxing afternoon at the spa (Anticipation). My daughter dropped by the spa and discovered that my booking was not there! (Disappointment). The spa suggested alternative treatments, but very early in the morning (Surprise, Change of Plans). They left it to my daughter to deliver the news. (Annoyance).

Bewildered, I wondered if there was an appointment secured against my credit card at another location. I called the booking service to avoid cancellation fees with less than 72-hours' notice (Fear). I informed the booking service of the error. There was an apology and explanation that it was a simple oversight (Unsatisfying). Inconvenienced, I asked if the spa would include a credit for lunch (Expectation). They promised to check with the spa manager.

I'm stressed when I arrive at the spa. My first appointment starts before the manager arrives, so I explain my situation and ask about lunch. "Absolutely, you can have lunch in the café. By the way, our outdoor hot springs are closed." (More disappointment).

After my first appointment, I was offered more services (Delighted), as customers cancelled due to the hot springs closure. I luxuriated longer than planned and emerged ready to settle-up. When I asked why there was an extra charge on my bill, I was told: "We were pleased to accommodate the services you initially booked and therefore are charging you for lunch." (Disbelief). "How much would you like to include for tips?" (Annoyance).

I share this story because all service providers need to revive customer confidence when we cause disappointment, fear or surprise. In this case, the spa's "treatment" was not customer-focused, but rather "all about them." A simple café credit would have taken the sting out of my experience, and encouraged me to return and confidently refer others.

What are you ready to do for your clients and customers in the face of disappointment?

For specific advice to ensure your clients are always referral-ready contact me, Laural Carr or visit our website for more information.

Warm regards,