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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

August 2015

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How I Take Advantage of America's Number One Fear – Public Speaking

Do you know that 99% of people fear public speaking? Do you shudder like me when recalling high school speech competitions? But what if you could exponentially boost your business by facing your fear and speaking? I realized that if I wanted to ambitiously grow my business, speaking to many people at once was the best option.

I recently spoke to a sold-out group of business owners and executives about my perennial favorite subject, "How to Find Your Next Best Client." In the session I walked the group through Impagination's "10-Point Checklist to Find Your Next Best Client" with great results! Read more...

If you're ready to take advantage of America's number one fear – public speaking – to find more of your best clients and quickly boost business, follow my six tips to ensure success.

If you'd like to hear my presentation, I'll be speaking at the Verity Business Network on Sept. 15 in downtown Toronto. Mark your calendar and sign-up for a personal invitation to attend.

For a sneak peek, see my article in the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs quarterly magazine, Acclaim.

If you or a group you know could benefit from my public speaking, get in touch. Contact me at 416 538 3330, by email or visit our website for more.

Wishing you success finding more of your best clients,