February 2012

The results in are in...
and mailed greetings won you over again this past holiday season! But there's more to the story.

54% of respondents' favorite greetings arrived by mail, but that's not all you told us. To learn the whole story, click on the link below for a complimentary copy of our exclusive report.


A tremendous thank you to everyone who participated in our 10th Annual Great Greeting Survey and especially those who sent a personal comment.

Some of our favorites are:
"I just love handwritten notes. Perhaps it's my age, but it does make me feel remembered as opposed to impersonal mass-sent email greetings...like form letters." Georgia

"This year I was impressed by a very personalized electronic greeting that I received from my savvy daughter. I enjoyed it more than once and shared it with others. It was a unique and memorable experience." Leigh

Our winning comment came from Kathy, who will receive a special gift for her comment below.
"It was more the message inside that was important. It speaks to me in a personal way."

And we can't resist sharing the comment about our special 25th Anniversary greeting.
"My favorite was the 2011 Impagination reprise of 25 years of creative Christmas greetings a fun way to remember Christmas past." Danielle

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