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Laural Carr

June 2015

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Who's in charge of your bird feeder?

  Bird Feeder
I've never had a bird feeder and was excited to receive one as a gift. It is a unique design and I was eager to take photos of Blue Jays, Cardinals and Robins.

I searched for a place to install the feeder and hung it far enough from the ground so I could easily refill it. I filled it with the three different feeds, which conveniently accompanied the gift. It was trouble-free to view from two large windows across from the feeder.

What happened next is a lesson to all of us who think we can guess how to attract the right audience.

If you don't want to guess how to attract the right clients for your business, contact me, Laural Carr, for a complimentary 30-minute marketing consultation to find out what you need to know to be in charge of attracting more clients like your best client.

Wishing you success finding more of your best clients,