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Laural Carr

June 2016

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What's in a name?

Spending time around boats is one of my favorite summer activities - surrounded by water, under a cloudless blue sky with summer breezes beckoning relaxation. Sigh...

Out on the water my marketing-savvy eye notices boat names. Some are clever, some are funny and some are philosophical.

At our marina Impulsive Behavior is a large cruiser that serves as a floating cottage for one very active boater. Summer Spirit is an elegant yacht with spirited owners. SuzieB is an artist's sailboat and teachers own SummerZcool.

Obviously, time and thought go into these names and the visual display creates a powerful statement. Typeface and color add dramatic impact. For example, the boat No Worries uses Comic Sans, a child-like type originally intended for comic strips and often misused in professional applications. But it works here!

Most boat names are presented as wordmarks, as in Summer Spirit using type and colour rather than a logo or icon to communicate meaning. SuzieB combines visuals of paint and a brush into the design, reinforcing the owner's artistry.

This summer, take a moment to notice the clever names, wordmarks and visual identities used in business. For example, DeFloured a gluten-free bakery, or Jewels Under The Kilt an artisan nut producer in Fergus, Ontario, famous for its Scottish heritage.

Cheeky boat names like Passing Gas for a speedboat, or Passing Wind for a sailboat may have you wondering what impression they want to project, but boat names and identities only need to satisfy the boat owner. In business, knowing your best client is central to defining your name and image in the marketplace. What statement, impression, tone or personality do you want for your business?

For help finding your best client and a powerful brand identity for your business, contact Laural Carr or visit Impagination's website for more information.

Warm regards,

Laural Carr, Owner and Creative Business Development Director at Impagination Inc. is an award-winning marketer passionate about helping smart savvy businesses to find their next best client and boost business fast.