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Laural Carr

March 2015

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What I learned when the heat went off

At the height of the incessant cold weather last week, the heat went off. The interior temperature was dropping at an alarming rate. I was grateful to be home and able to call my trusted repair service.

Within a few hours, I received the expensive diagnosis that the equipment had to be replaced. The repair team jumped on board and worked through the weekend to bring the heat back by Sunday.

How fortunate I was to have a service provider to quickly handle the job. They kindly reminded me that with regular maintenance, I might have postponed the failure.

As a marketing expert, I call this a "Root Canal" issue, because you are faced with a situation that is not your choice, accompanied by severely limited solutions. The benefits are realized only once the intensity of the situation has passed, not my preferred way to approach a problem.

So, is there a critical element of your business that could benefit from regular examination to prevent a crisis? Will you wait until your business lags before creating a robust business development plan? Ignoring business development could be costly, just like my new heating system.

In the spirit of gratitude for getting heat back in a hurry, I invite you to book a complimentary consultation with me this month to ensure your business development engine is fired up and running efficiently heading into Spring.

Contact me at 416 538 3330 or 1 877 538 3330 or visit our website to find out more.

Warm regards,