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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

March 2015

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My ATM Wished Me Happy Birthday!

I was at the ATM when a message popped up wishing me 'Happy Birthday.' My reaction was, "Is this Artificial Intelligence (AI) meant to make machines seem more human, or does the bank think we are 'besties'?"

Is it creepy when something electronic that we have no personal relationship with crosses over into our real world life without us opting in?

I don't make a habit of sharing my birthday on social media or when registering for online accounts. People willing to share this info might enjoy receiving Facebook messages or attractive offers focused on their birthday. And I agree, providing a special offer does honor the person who opts in. The ATM did not impress, offering a generic greeting but not on the actual day.

Celebrating is important. I'm a fan of sincere or engaging greetings or heartfelt personal messages. Acknowledging a client on their birthday may make sense if sharing their birth date is necessary to the service you provide. Where possible, I recommend inviting best clients for lunch. Spending time together and learning more about them deepens your connection. Making your clients or customers truly feel special is a human acknowledgement that pays big dividends in our all-too impersonal, electronic world.

This month we'll be celebrating a special birthday for Impagination. I wonder how the ATM will acknowledge this milestone.

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