May 2012

Move Over Spielberg...
Some people think that an Edge Walk around the CN Tower is an adrenaline booster. I was looking for a different approach. In continued celebration of Impagination's 25th Anniversary, something new and exciting was in order.
After all, how often do you get to celebrate 25 years?

Consistent with my approach to helping clients identify marketing campaigns that are flexible, multi-purpose and enduring in this 24/7 media-crazed world, the time had come to walk the talk and kick Impagination's marketing up a notch. The result is a personal video freshly added to our website and for sharing via Social Media.

Video helps to communicate your unique message and value proposition and contributes an authenticity that facilitates connection with clients anywhere in the world. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to make a powerful impression. See for yourself!

If you've been thinking about how to boost your marketing and get your message to more people even quicker, we can help.

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