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Laural Carr

May 2015

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I lost a client because of a hug

Do you love your clients? Should you love your clients?

We are passionate about nurturing our clients' success by delivering effective solutions to achieve their goals. Recently we were approached to help a long-standing client brand an event with a compelling theme and promotional materials. We love being their go-to source for outside-the-page thinking, that's our brand promise. And we don't stop at the idea stage, we execute. By all signs, we nailed it! We set the theme and delivered an outstanding design solution to build anticipation and participation.

What happened next is a message to us all. Design prototypes in hand, our client shared them with a colleague who is a printer. The printer greeted my client with a hug and offered to print the required materials for next to nothing. My client was seduced by the hug and the pricing, forfeiting essential criteria with promises that no one would notice.

While we insist our clients avoid competing on price, I wonder if I I should have hugged this client. With many of us working at a distance rather than face-to-face, we all need to ensure our relationships are secure, so I'm sharing five simple ways you can "hug" your clients.

This month we're visiting the National Stationery Show to finalize our best-of-the-best 2015 Great Greeting™ selection. We also offer personal shopping while at the show. Let us find options customized to fit your recipient and your brand. Time is tight, so contact us at 416 538 3330, 1 877 538 3330 or via our website by May 14. Let us find the most compelling and convenient way for you to hug your clients.

Warm regards,