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Laural Carr

November 2012


Final Midas Touch Tip for Holiday Promotions
Halloween is over and that means holiday fever is fast approaching. There are holiday parties to plan, client appreciation and stakeholder recognition to organize, charitable-giving decisions to make, and all this in addition to your favorite personal traditions. Ah yes, the holidays are a magical time indeed, converting even the most fervent reveler into frenzy. Is this the year that you will enjoy the season without worrying how to recognize your best business relationships? Our final Midas Touch Tip focuses on packaging your holiday promotion.

Tip 5. Make your package irresistible

We all know that first impressions count. Wrapping or packaging is as important as the gift, so make your package irresistible! Read more...

Last year we packaged our 25th anniversary edition holiday promotion in a special silver tin box. Here's one recipient's reaction:
"I loved the Christmas box of goodies and was just admiring it again the other day as I tried to organize some of my holiday decorations so that I could see the basement floor. The only things that are organized are your Christmas cards that I have kept over the years. Now I have the perfect box to store them after I put them out each year." - Liz Woods

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