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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

October 2013

Laural will be speaking at
Leading Ladies on Nov. 13th, 2013.

Five Tips for an Irresistible Envelope!

Donít let first impressions come last! Attending to a few key details can amplify that first impression before they even open the letter. Thatís why we like to dress up our envelopes, especially when sending a package, a thank you note, or a holiday greeting.

1. Start with a novel envelope. There are so many colours or textures available, it is a shame not to indulge. Some of our favorites are metallic, clear and frosted envelopes (the clear and frosted ones give an enticing...Read More
2. Engage their curiosity with a creative return address. Write out or pre-print your return address on the envelopeís back flap. Or, to be completely different...Read More

3. Address by hand. If you have illegible writing, find a pen you feel comfortable using. To save envelopes, write on clear mailing labels until you get it just right. Avoid...Read More

Click here for two more tips for creating an irresistible envelope.

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