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Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

October 2014

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Hello! Is anyone out there?

While sidelined by laryngitis, I turned to online methods to reach out to the people I needed to connect with urgently.

I was delighted when I was able to fulfill a promise and deliver a personal reference via LinkedIn. But then I was shocked when an attempt to nail down a venue for an event fell on deaf ears. I went to various venue websites. I followed each venue's distinct instructions. For example, one site instructed me to "Email us with your details at info@deafears" while another asked me to "Fill out this (very elaborate and detailed) contact form and we will contact you," and another had me "Call to book your event" at which point I was greeted by a voicemail that does not accept messages and redirected to an entirely different email address. Argh! What is going on? Hello, is anyone out there?

How many of us have a generic email address on our website? You know the one that usually starts with "info?" Or how many offer a contact form to allow fans to sign-up for newsletters, information or special offers? We offer both options on Impagination's website. And to ensure those who reach out via our website Read more...

Contact us (seriously!) if you want to increase new business by finding out if you are providing a positive experience for clients and prospects who are trying to connect with you in person and online.

Contact Laural Carr at, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. Or visit our website.

Warm regards,