"Our 25th anniversary promotion exceeded expectations after several months of planning and the involvement of many of Impagination's key partners. One celebrates 25 years in business only once, and it was important to acknowledge and show gratitude to all the amazing people who have been with me along the way!"

~ Laural Carr, Owner and Creative Director, Impagination

Impagination's 25th Anniversary Holiday Promotion

Impagination celebrated 25 years of business with a special holiday promotion featuring a retrospective of images and anecdotes from previous award-winning holiday designs.

The full-colour greeting was digitally printed by C.J. Digital on silver Stardream Crystal paper (from Cordenons) packaged into a 6"x 6" format that exploded open to 12" x 12" thanks to Specialties Graphic Finishers' unique bindery. This created ample real estate for 18 photos (thanks to Matthew Plexman Photographers), humorous anecdotes and numerous acknowledgements.

A specially designed gift package was presented to 25 individuals whose contributions had the greatest impact on Impagination over the past 25 years. A silver tin containing chocolates embossed with Impagination's logo and a set of iconic holiday note cards and envelopes completed the package.

Long-standing fans and clients of Impagination shared comments as they revisited some of their holiday favorites.

"I was between permanent addresses. And I was learning that Christmas decorations are not dispensable. I pulled out my archive of Christmas cards from Impagination and arranged them on display. They still lift my spirits, and not only at Christmas. ~Jean Davies

My favourite has to be the Bright Lights Christmas card - the most amazing I've ever seen - anywhere! ~ Jane Baker

My all time favorite Christmas card is the one with Alex's sweet, beaming, almost toothless smile at the centre of a Star ornament! ~ Randi Helmers

Her cards are treasures. I still have my favourites and bring them out every Christmas to hang around the house.
~ Joan Francuz