Impagination 3-D Bright Lights Extend-a-Fold™ Holiday Greeting

Objective: For more than 20 years, Impagination reinforces its commitment to client appreciation and its theme of "Adding Dimension to Communication". Each year it creates a unique holiday design and message that can be both mailed and emailed to clients.

Solution: This greeting uses paper engineering and graphics to ensure attention-grabbing impact.The Extend-a-Fold Great Greeting™ format looks at first like a 5" x 5" card, then dramatically extends into a 5" x 30" panel featuring a die-cut string of festive, multi-coloured holiday bulbs. Expert finishing and eye-popping high resolution and metallic inks produce a stunning 3-D and sparkling print effect.

Impact: Impagination's Annual Great Greeting Survey Results confirm that favourite greetings are shared with family and friends and have found their way to mailboxes and in-boxes around the world.

"After over 20 years of mailing greetings, we love the challenge of designing a format that delights everyone who receives it, encourages "pass around" and is saved for display year after year. Our Annual Great Greeting Survey continues to reinforce the enthusiasm for mailed greetings, encouraging us to remind our clients that holiday greetings are another opportunity to promote their brand."
Laural Carr