3-D Bright Lights Extend-a-Fold™ Holiday Greeting

Objective: To cement relationships with its best clients, Oculus continues to reinforce its business message as the leading provider of 3-D visualization software with a custom seasonal promotion.

Solution: By using Impagination's Extend-a-Fold Great Greeting™ format, what at first looks like a 5" x 5" card dramatically extends into a stunning 30" panel featuring a die cut string of multi-coloured holiday bulbs. Eye-popping high resolution and metallic inks produce a glowing and sparkling printed effect. By leaving ample white space, the Oculus team was able to personalize each greeting with messages in words and pictures.

Impact: This non-traditional format is now considered part of the Oculus brand.

Award Winner for Holiday Card

"I would like to share how fun it is working through the whole process, from brainstorming to prototyping and creation. We have pretty tight requirements for reaching such a broad range of clients in different geographies, and with different backgrounds, so we are pleased to collaborate with Impagination to reach our goal of connecting positively with all of them."
Michael Peters