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How to Engage and Retain Your Best Clients

For 14 years running, the responses to Impagination’s Great Greeting™ Survey present a clear message - if you want to engage and retain clients, a physical form of appreciation wins hands down over electronic communication.

  • 83% of respondents indicate their favorite greeting was a physical piece that arrived by mail.
  • 19% of survey respondents choose to send their seasonal greetings by both mail and email.
  • 35% of respondents prefer to receive a seasonal greeting that combines physical and digital elements.
  • 58% simply prefer mailed greetings.
While physical greetings may be more expensive than email, clients’ clear preference for them is valid justification for including them in your client appreciation budget and planning. 73% showed their favorite greeting to others, and 79% kept their favorite. This high level of retention and pass-along demonstrates that tangible communication pays dividends with your clients – dividends that extend to all elements of your branding and marketing.

20% of respondents sent both mailed and electronic greetings this year down from 22% last year. And respondents’ preference for receiving both a physical and electronic piece has doubled over last year at 35% this year. Other respondents were delighted that recipients experienced their greeting as "a gift that arrived by mail."

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Comments continue to reinforce the more personal aspect of mailed greetings as a tangible show of appreciation, in contrast to the limited engagement of electronic messages.

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