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Laural Carr

September 2014

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Event Planning Success Secrets Learned From Trees
I've recently taken on a new board position as Director of Special Events. Time is needed to plan and promote an event to ensure its success, but more importantly, it's critical not to stop there. So what does this have to do with trees?

I can recall when I first realized that trees grow under the ground as much as they do above it. Anyone who has planted a shrub knows, you need to dig a hole wider than the shrub and as deep as it is high to ensure it thrives. If you are an outdoorsy person, you may have come upon an overturned tree in the woods and noticed that its roots are as thick as its branches, and are covered in a similar bark. So what does this have to do with events?

1. The Venue
For any event, whether a client appreciation, prospecting, networking, launch, or even a family gathering, we all know that we have to secure the date and venue first. This is like preparing the space for planting a tree.

2. The Purpose
Next, we have to prepare the context or content for the event. For example, will it be fun, informative, or raise funds for a special cause? This is like selecting the tree...

3. Ensuring Success
Most people think the job complete before it actually is. They miss the third, critical step completely.

Tending to these three essential secrets learned from trees when planning your next event will lead to fruitful rewards.

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