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Laural Carr

September 2016

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What's your four-letter word?

Over the last 30 years of creating award-winning creative business development strategies and campaigns for our clients, there's one four-letter word that makes some ears perk-up and others cringe.

I often introduce it as the "P-word" or that other four-letter word that starts with "P".


A successful strategy, campaign or initiative starts with planning to ensure you reach your stated goals in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of effort. So why does planning make some people cringe and others gleeful?

Some cringe because it forces them to step back and sort through their priorities before embracing "action mode", where they believe the real results will come. Without thinking it through, this often leads to unforeseen road blocks that can derail even the most enthusiastic.

Others love a plan and get excited to visualize and embrace the details, bringing in the necessary resources to make the plan happen and marking the milestones of success along the way.

For example, we're just on the heels of summer, but long ago, most retailers completed their buying of holiday season products. Manufacturers wrapped up production months ago. Designers pitched and sold their new designs a year ago. And even before all this, trends were determined by retail strategists. Have you planned for the buying and sales cycle for your business?

Neuroscientists tell us the brain functions best with sufficient detail to allow us to visualize an outcome and focus on the specific steps to success. Jumping into any initiative without sufficient detail and focus can land you in a messy quagmire or minefield of distractions.

So which one are you, "plan-averse" or "plan-happy"?

If there's a four-letter word holding back your next business development initiative, we can help you focus, strategize, plan, execute and track to ensure you maximize success with the least amount of effort.

Contact me, Laural Carr, or visit our website to learn how our proprietary Persona Maker Approach™ can help make your creative business development initiatives a red-hot success.

Warm regards,

Laural Carr, Owner and Creative Business Development Director at Impagination Inc. is an award-winning marketer passionate about helping smart savvy businesses to find their next best client and boost business fast.

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