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Laural Carr

April 2014

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Five Questions to Answer Before Updating Your Brand Persona

Have you noticed the saunter has returned to your step and the gentle exhalation that Spring ushers in? With the renewed optimism that accompanies Spring, it is easier to imagine embracing something new. So, is now the time to consider refreshing your brand persona?

We have outlined the Five Key Questions to answer before you consider rebranding. Answer these questions to find out if you are on track to update your brand persona.

Answering No to any of these Key Questions means you are in need of a refresh of your brand persona.

Using our tried-and-true Persona Maker™ approach builds a persona that can be sustained through your current or the next chapter of your business. It brings your true persona to life, simplifying your business development message and story to reach your next 'BEST' client.

If it is time to tidy the tangled garden that has become your persona, get in touch. For a limited time, we are offering ten complimentary 30-minute Persona Maker™ consultations. Contact Laural Carr at, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330 to schedule a time to discuss your Persona Maker™ Key Question answers. Or visit our website to find out more.

Warm regards,