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Laural Carr

August 2014

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What I learned on my summer vacation

On vacation this summer, I couldn't help but notice the clever ways that entertainment venues attract customers. One of my favourite spots is the ever-hilarious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival (JFLMTL), with the oh-so-perfect URL, JFLMTL entertains the world with local and international comedians. With so many performers at multiple venues, how does a comedy-lover choose which ticket to purchase? And, what can we learn from these customer engagement experts?

One option is to research the performers online, viewing video clips or checking out referrals from friends; by the way, here's one I love! (See how I did that?) Read more...

Another option offered by JFLMTL is selecting a show by theme; you might choose "Date Night" or "The Ethnic Show." These shows feature several short comedy sketches with an emcee who kicks-off the show and provides entertainment between individual acts. The emcee is the thread that ties the show together, and often they get top billing. Read more...

The festival is so well curated that one can confidently chance a last minute ticket. I can't stop telling people about this completely engaging international act I stumbled upon...and now I've done it again! Read more...

If your business needs to step up, find a spotlight, and turn your clients into raving fans, we can help. Visit our website, check out my short video, or maybe you'll stumble upon me at one of my presentations, "en-ti-titled" (comedian Red Skelton reference) "How to Find Your Next 'BEST' Client."

Nothing says "Christmas in July" JFL-style like an elf at the BBQ, or Santa and his festive camper! See more...

Contact us to book your consultation or to see our unique selection of corporate greetings; order early and receive a special discount. Contact Laural Carr at, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. Or visit our website to learn about Great Greetings™.

Warm regards,