Holiday Snowflake Great Greeting™ Wins Silver

Impaginationís limited-edition 2013 Great Greeting™ wins Silver at the International Summit Creative Awards. The square, tri-fold design features geometric snowflakes on two overlapping panels, cut using a die-less process. Each card, cut individually, takes six minutes to create the intricate design. Iridescent paper adds sparkle, like winter sun on crisp snow. The card is mailed in a matching square envelope with a red wax seal, and boasts a customized postage stamp to create a tactile and intriguing first impression.

The Great Greeting™ Survival Kit featured a hinged stationery box, set of blank Snowflake holiday cards, envelopes, stamps, wax seals and a pen.

"We designed the kit with everything organized in a reusable kit that can be refilled, making mailing notes to clients and customers easy and convenient any time of the year." Laural Carr, Impaginationís Creative Business Development Director

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