Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

February 2016

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How to thrill clients...

I recently received a handwritten thank you and gift card for a referral. I rarely receive a physical thank you, so it was a thrill and terrific positive reinforcement.

I'm not alone on this. It's exciting to receive an email or envelope with your name handwritten on it. After all, we all want to feel special. This is key to delighting clients, leading to greater engagement and retention. For 14 years, Impagination has asked which client appreciation trends over the holiday season grabbed your attention and if there's a lingering impact. Our 2016 results are in...

Thanks to all who participated, sharing photos and comments. Read our exclusive report to know which trends to embrace to delight your clients. See some of our favorite greetings that illustrate the current trends.

Congratulations to winner Nancy Milne, who will receive a special gift for sharing: "I love the attention to detail of your greeting. It was by far the best quality and most memorable greeting I received. I delete seasonal email greetings after I read them - yours was the only one I kept and displayed!"

Strengthen your connection with your clients for greater engagement and retention. To thrill and delight your clients any time of the year, contact Laural Carr at 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330 or visit our website to learn more.

Warm regards,

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