Getting In Touch

Laural Carr

October 2015

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Is there something creepy in your marketing?

Creepy and ghoulish are in vogue this time of year, but is this the feeling you want to evoke in your brand or marketing?

Haptics is the neuroscience of touch and new research explores the power of touch as non-verbal communication. Thirteen years of Impagination surveys and three decades of branding and marketing experience leave me no doubt that tactile communication is more memorable and creates a more engaging experience. And now we know why.

Sappi Fine Papers has captured the research of renowned neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman in the publication, "A Communicators Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch" which illuminates the mysteries of the haptic brain and the power of non-verbal communication. He explains that our three-pound (1.36 kg) brain is more that 50% devoted to processing sensory experience, and much of that sensory receptivity focuses on touch and specifically through the hands.

"The collective power of this research shows why we continue to rely on paper as a key ingredient of the brand experience... consumers are wired to interact with paper like no other medium." – Jennifer Miller, Sappi Fine Paper North America.

Just in time for Halloween, we're offering treats. If you'd like to see this fascinating, interactive publication, "Haptic Brain Haptic Brand" get in touch! If you're frightened that your brand is leaving your customers cold, we can help. Schedule a complimentary brand assessment before October 31. Contact me at, or at 416.538.3330 or visit our website.

Wishing you success finding more of your best clients,