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Laural Carr

June 2014

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"Same-Same but Different"

Last month I talked about a new presentation, "Refresh Your Brand Persona Perspective," a chance to go behind the scenes to learn how one of our clients rebranded their business.

A few years ago, I delivered the same presentation one-on-one when prospecting for new clients. However, when I looked at ways to boost my business, I concluded that I needed to be in front of more people with my message.

This is the concept behind the expression "Same-same but different"; something is functionally or substantially the same as something else, but differs in method of implementation, or in other minor details.

So, applying the "same-same" marketing principal, I converted my one-on-one conversations to one-to-many and was able to reach more potential clients. The key to maximizing these conversations is to be in front of your target audience. Last year I presented to my target audience, a group of 26 business owners. After the presentation, eight people were immediately interested, and within three months, four engaged us to help with their business development.

Connecting with your target audience is emphasized in my "How to Find Your Next 'Best' Client" presentation. If you want to learn my top 10 tips, you are invited to attend a business networking event on Wednesday, June 25 where I'll be presenting them. Click here for details.

Think about how you can refocus a "same-same" aspect of your business to improve your business development. If you need help, get in touch! Contact Laural Carr at, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. Or visit our website to find out more.

Warm regards,