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Laural Carr

May 2014

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"Nobody likes change except a wet baby."

Last week I spoke to a monthly networking group attended by people who are self-motivated to show-up at 7:30 AM, meet new people and learn new ideas from the guest speaker. Embracing the "new" takes energy and focus; it's something my networking colleagues demonstrate each time they attend the early morning event. They cheerfully arrive, ready to make the best of the day.

As a speaker, most people are excited to learn my ten tips for "How to Find Your Next 'Best' Client," an ageless subject for anyone in a service business. But on the theme of "new", what better group to launch my new presentation, "Refresh Your Brand Persona Perspective," a behind-the-scenes look at how one of our clients rebranded.

The company originally struggled with the decision to embark upon the upgrade. "Nobody likes change except a wet baby," Mark Twain quipped. Change requires motivation, vision and leadership. Impagination makes the process easier by carefully facilitating each step along side our clients ensuring a smooth transition, full stakeholder buy-in and a strategic launch.

The end-result was a stunning success. "We designed our retired logo on a napkin in 1999, and today we have an exciting and vibrant new brand that speaks to how much our business has grown. Without a doubt, this allows us to reach new heights within the industry," the company's president said.

Rebranding is more than refreshing your logo. Ask these five key questions before embarking on rebranding your business.

If you are part of a motivated business group that would benefit from an engaging presentation on "How to Find Your Next 'BEST' Client" or "Refresh Your Brand Persona Perspective," get in touch! Contact Laural Carr at, 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. Or visit our website to find out more.

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